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Date/Hours: DECEMBER 3-5, 2010
Where: McLean Community Center
Booth size(s) & Fees: Standard Booth Space (approx 9x8) - $200, Premium Lobby Space (approx 10x8) - $235 (limited # assigned by jury)

Additional Fees: Remit Application Fee of $5.00
Website: www.mcleancenter.org/special-events
Contact: Peggy Moore 703-790-0123 or email peggy.moore@fairfaxcounty.gov
Application: http://www.mcleancenter.org/elements/file/APPLICATION_CraftShow_2010_jury.pdf
Application due: MAY 7, 2010, 5:00 P.M

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  1. Hi peggy moore here we have reopened apps for a short time due to losing 2 wonderful artisans to illness. This is a gorgeous show in an affluent community in a building that also houses a gorgeous art gallery. Please take a look at our application. We are very organized, advertise extensively and offer fresh, mostly organic food on site for both attendees and those working the show. There is good balance in the selection of crafts, too. If you have a high quality craft that you yourself make please apply within the week. One note, jewelry, photography are filled and certain other categories might be extremely competitive. You will do best if you can offer something stellar and unique. I'm so happy to see heather's post here is completely accurate and look forward to seeing the rest of this site!